Helping with Transitions
“We moved to Chattanooga from Houston very late in the summer of 2016. We loved the preschool in Texas that my two boys – then aged 5 and 2 – had attended, and we were worried about finding a new school here in Tennessee. However, Tyner UMC Preschool was able to find room for us, and our boys have really thrived there.

My youngest son has two teachers, both of whom he loves. He’s a surly little guy sometimes, so the fact that he is so excited to see his teachers on school days is a testament to how they care for him.

My oldest was already reading when he entered Pre-K 4, and he began getting a little too chatty during class because he was already familiar with letters and getting bored. His teacher, however, immediately identified the issue and then went out of her way to create more challenging assignments for my son to work on during class, as well as put together a separate reading take-home folder for him to help him progress with his reading. It was incredibly helpful and encouraging and exciting for my son, and this was all done without bringing too much attention to the situation.

We signed up for Tyner UMC Preschool, excited about the music and Spanish classes, field trips, and small class sizes, but we’ve realized that it’s been so much more than that. The teachers and staff have really fostered a love of learning and friendship in my sons, and I truly appreciate it – thus this review!”

– Jeni K. (2017)

Growing in Confidence
“We have been so blessed to be able to send our little man to Tyner UMC Preschool! Ms. Misty is the best, and she has been so amazingly wonderful to my little man! He never wanted to be away from me, but since the first day of school this year, my son has been looking forward to and wishing for more school days!”

– Heather E. (2017)

Learning and Having Fun
“Tyner UMC Preschool is an awesome preschool! Both of my sons went there and really enjoyed it. They learned so much and had fun!”

– April M. (2017)