Tuition Schedule

Tyner UMC Preschool’s 2018-2019 tuition schedule is as follows:

Yearly Registration Fees

First child: $45
Each additional child: $30

Semester Supply Fees

One-Year-Olds: $40 in August, $30 in January
Two-Year-Olds: $40 in August, $30 in January
Three-Year-Olds: $45 in August, $30 in January
Four-Year-Olds: $45 in August, $30 in January

Monthly Tuition
One-Year-Olds: $165 ($82.50 in August and December)
Two-Year-Olds: $165 ($82.50 in August and December)
Three-Year-Olds: $185 ($92.50 in August and December)
Four-Year-Olds: $185 ($92.50 in August and December)

There is a 10 percent discount for each younger child’s tuition for families enrolling two or more children.
There is a 10 percent discount for Tyner UMC members, which must be verifiable.

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