Four-Year-Old / Pre-K4 Classes

The Tyner UMC Pre-K4 program is designed to provide children with the knowledge and skills needed to make an easy transition to kindergarten. Our Pre-K4 teachers consult and work in conjunction with local current and retired Hamilton County kindergarten teachers to create our age appropriate curriculum for the following activities.

  • Recognize each upper and lowercase letters by sight and sound
  • Write upper and lowercase letters w/correct technique
  • Recognize & write their first name correctly
  • Learn color words
  • Learn shapes
  • Recognize & write numbers 1-20, count to 100, count by 5’s & 10’s
  • Learn Preschool sight words
  • Learn to tell the Hour Time
  • Learn Money (Coins)
  • Encourage game play
  • Encourage Computer use
  • Bible stories
  • Reading, Reading, Reading
  • Spanish class once a week
  • Music class once a week

Our warm and Christ-centered educationally focused classrooms feature learning centers, and are equipped with inviting age appropriate learning materials. The Tyner UMC Preschool teachers will keep you informed of your child’s progress and address any issues or concerns to ensure your child’s academic success.

The children also play daily on either the Tyner UMC Pre-K4 playground, The Kingdom Kids Center or The Tyner UMC gymnasium. The student/teacher ratio is 1:8 in both of our Pre-K4 classes. One class holds 16, while the other holds 8.